Makarov: Russian Population Blinded by Propaganda ({{commentsTotal}})

Ivan Makarov, the editor-in-chief of Radio 4, an Russian-language ERR station, said Russian news channels are ideologically biased and there is very little criticism about the information that is pumped out by the media across Estonia's border.

Makarov said that there are videos on Youtube showing fake protests filmed for news agencies, but the general feel is one of “so what?” among ordinary Russians, even if the deceit is pointed out to people.

Few people are willing to cross the mainstream ideological line and point to what is wrong in the nation, he said. People believe Russia is saving Ukraine and the territory belongs to Russia, he said. The hatred towards the US is a Soviet legacy.

“Even during the Soviet era there was no such awful propaganda as now,” said Makarov, adding that during the Soviet era it was not allowed to blame one nationality.

“The biggest tragedy currently is what is happening with the Russian people, because they are blinded and truly believe that Russians can have their own language, nation and history, but others do not have the right to their own language, their own history and territory,” Makarov said.