Policeman Charged With Using Excessive Force at Summer Festival ({{commentsTotal}})

After an internal investigation, a police officer who allegedly used excessive force against a person attending one of the nation's summer festivals has been charged with a crime in the case.

One of the policemen kicked the 28-year-old victim repeatedly at the July 12 Kultuuritolm alternative culture festival in north Tallinn, exceeding the allowable intensity of force that can be used in such a case, according to the investigation conducted by the Northern Prefecture.

The other policemen were not charged in the early morning incident.

"It is is impermissible to strike a detainee unless the policeman is repelling an attack," said Northern prefect Kristian Jaani.

More than 30 witnesses were interviewed during the investigation. But the events leading up to the point when the police were called remain unclear, and it isn't certain when the conflict with security started.

A 25-year-old festivalgoer is also a suspect for striking a law enforcement officer.