EstLink 2 Back On Line ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estlink 2 power cable connecting Estonia and Finland, is again operational since Sunday morning.

Elering, the electricity grid operator, said the problem is yet to be solved and further disruption can not be ruled out.

The Estlink 1 cable, the other electricity connection between the two nations, is currently out of order.

Estlink 2 switched off on September 9 due to the activation of the direct current return circuit’s differential protection. Estlink 1 switched off the next day due to a fault in the Harku converter station’s cooling system.

According to NordPoolSpot, a energy market, electricity prices in Estonia skyrocketed from around 37 euros per megawatt hour on September 9 to 65 euros per MWh two days later. The price will be around 46 euros on Monday.