Kallas: Juncker Has Ideological Reconciliation Work Ahead ({{commentsTotal}})

Outgoing Estonian European Union commissioner Siim Kallas said he is cautiously optimistic about the new cabinet of Jean-Claude Juncker, the President-elect of the European Commission.

Kallas told ERR in an interview that Juncker has commissioners coming from different world-views, and he must work to solve the differences.

He said political differences have not yet played a great role in EU politics, with cultural backgrounds have a greater impact.

“Much will depend on how people get along. And not only the top politicians but also the office staff,” Kallas said, adding that there a million ways to find reasons for strife and the Commission president must solve any conflicts.

The president has the final say, Kallas said, “I have worked here for 10 years and can say that such a task will be very difficult. But I am not pessimistic. I believe there is a way to work efficiently and find solutions to problems.”