Former ISS Official: Kohver Too Well Known to Russians ({{commentsTotal}})

Former Estonian Internal Security Service official Henri Sepp said the captured Estonian official Eston Kohver should not have been allowed near the Russian border as he is too well known to Russian security services.

Sepp told Pealinn, Tallinn's official newspaper, that Kohver was probably meeting an informant from a smuggling gang.

He said Kohver's past work with informants could be used against him, and the charges would not only include the current border intrusion and spying, but previous events as well, adding that Kohver's name has been mentioned on a FSB-related website and the head of FSB's branch in Pskov said in 2011 that Kohver is one of the main handlers of Estonian spies in the area.

Kohver was apprehended on the border with Russia on September 5, with Russian officials saying he was on Russian soil, while Estonia, which broke the news, said Kohver was on Estonian territory.