Parts to Lead IRL in 2015 Elections ({{commentsTotal}})

Juhan Parts.
Juhan Parts. Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The chairman of the national conservative party IRL, currently in opposition, said in a letter to party members that Juhan Parts, the prime minister between 2003 and 2005, is the candidate to lead the party at the 2015 parliamentary elections.

Party leader Urmas Reinsalu said Parts has agreed, although after some reflection, to accept the position.

Reinsalu, a defense minister in the previous government, said Estonia needs a prime minister who is prepared to make bold decisions and who has experience. “Parts has experience of leading a government and many years as a minister. He is not a man for easy tasks, but one for hard times. That time is at hand now.”

He said Estonia is faced with two major problems. “On one side we are surrounded by the new international security situation. Secondly, Estonia has arrived at a stage of development where we must ask which solutions still work for us, and which no longer do,” he said.

Parts will have to be approved by party members. The current understanding is that Urmas Reinsalu would continue as party chairman.

Parliamentary elections will take place in Estonia on March 1 next year.