Signal of Solidarity Important in NATO, Danish FM Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said Denmark will come to the aid of Estonia if the territory of the nation is violated.

“We figure it is extremely important these days to give this signal of solidarity in NATO that if we provide assistants to all NATO countries if we should come to that situation, which I still think is unthinkable. But I have to admit, looking at the last months I have been surprised many times, so I think it would be right to send the signal that of course we stand shoulder-to-shoulder,” he told ETV's Välisilm program on Monday.

“Let me put it another way, if we didn't show this signal right now then we would have a problem,” Lidegaard said.

Denmark recently completed a four-month-long air policing mission at Ämari air base, and has promised to send troops for exercises to the Baltic nations.

Lidegaard said the EU is set to hold a summit on energy independence in October, with the aim of decreasing EU dependence from Russian gas.