Latvian Media: Russia Recruiting in Latvia ({{commentsTotal}})

Latvian Public Television (LTV) said the Russian Embassy in Riga is seeking volunteers to fight in Ukraine for the separatists.

A LTV correspondent spoke a number of residents of Latgale, a region in eastern Latvia, who have signed up. The men said the embassy said it will prepare the paperwork and help out with expenses, LSM reported.

LTV was told volunteers would receive a 1,500 euro bonus for each kill and ex-convicts are welcome.

“We simply renounce (our) national citizenship and right there at the embassy they give you your tickets and you’re off to Russia. They said they are just waiting for us to come and sign up. My thought is, I’m prepared to go anywhere to fight, and I don’t know how much time I’ll spend there in Russia, but I will know that I am defending my identity, that I am a Russian and that I have a right to be Russian,” one volunteer told the TV channel.

For the full story, visit the English language version of the Latvian public broadcasting service.