7-Hour Meeting of Russian and Estonian Border Guards Again Ends Without Agreement ({{commentsTotal}})

A meeting of Estonian and Russian border guards on the case of the captured ISS official Eston Kohver again ended without an agreement on Tuesday.

“The Russian side did not produce any new evidence on border violations during the seven-hour meeting, and continued to refuse to sign a document of observation, which was signed by deputies from both sides on September 5,” Tuuli Härson, a spokesman for the Police and Border Guard Board told uudised.err.ee.

Kohver was apprehended on September 5 near the Russian border. Border guards from both nations investigated the area and signed a document saying that a struggle happened on the Estonian side, with tracks coming from Russia to Estonia and back. The document was signed by deputy border guards and needs a more high-ranking approval to be codified between the two countries. The Russian side is now refusing to sign.

Elmar Vaher, Estonia's police chief, said Russian officials have signaled a willingness to continue talks, but added he is not hopeful of any agreement.

Kohver is currently held in a Moscow prison, accused by FSB, the Russian security service, of espionage and a host of smaller charges. Russia has maintained that Kohver was on Russian territory when arrested.