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Reaalkool (Tallinn Secondary Science School)
Reaalkool (Tallinn Secondary Science School) Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

A number of small rural upper secondary schools were at the top of the graduation exam results tables, beating off traditional powerhouses such as the Tallinn Secondary Science School (Reaalkool).

Kolga school, 50 kilometers east from Tallinn, scored the most in the basic knowledge math exam, although only five pupils took the exam. Kolga's average was 88 percent, closely followed by Vinni-Paljusti Gymnasium, also in NE Estonia, with 87.1 percent, and 14 participants. The national average was 54 percent.

Tallinn Secondary Science School was third.

In the other math exam, specific math, with a national average result of only 30.2 percent, Narva Humanitarian Gymnasium was top with an average of 86.4 percent. Saaremaa Gymnasium was second with 74.5, followed by two schools considered to be part of a group of elite schools. The Tallinn Lycée Francsaise was third with 72.8 and Hugo Treffner fourth with 65.8.

In the Estonian language exam, elite schools dominated the top 5, with Hugo Treffner in first with 82.8 percent, followed by the Secondary Science School (79.7), Gustav Adolf (78.7), Rocca al Mare School, a private school (78.0) and the Tallinn Lycée Francsaise.

The so-called elite schools are all state or local municipality funded schools usually occupying the top spots in school rankings.

Although a number of schools consider themselves as part of the elite school group, the five strongest members are the Tallinn Lycée Francsaise, the Tallinn Secondary Science School, the Tallinn English College, and Miina Härma and Hugo Treffner in Tartu.