Ambassador to Moscow: Consul Permitted to Meet Kohver At Least Every 2 Months ({{commentsTotal}})

Jüri Luik, the Estonian ambassador to Russia, said he hopes the Russian side will allow a consular official to visit the Eston Kohver, the counterinteligence official currently in prison awaiting trial in Moscow.

Estonian officials said Kohver waived legal assistance hired by the Estonian state and will continue with only a state appointed lawyer, who Estonian media said has already failed to appeal the arrest of Kohver.

Luik said the embassy has a handwritten note from Kohver saying he did not want the help of the two high-profile lawyers afforded him by Estonia.

He said the embassy is focusing on arranging meetings with Kohver, but which are few and far between, adding that according to an agreement with Russia, Estonia is only allowed to meet Estonian citizens held captive in Russia every two months.

He said Russia may allow Estonian representatives more visits, but currently have not done so.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry is currently drawing up a plan on what steps to take next, and as an agreement of what happened on September 5 failed between the border guards of the two nations. The next level is diplomatic channels.