Mikser: State Budget Addresses SDE Priorities ({{commentsTotal}})

The chairman of the Social Democrats, Sven Mikser, told his party members the Social Democrats left a major mark on the new 8.5-billion-euro state budget.

“Coming into the government we brought a clear rule that the survival of families is important and decided to substantially increase child benefits, which have remained unchanged for 10 years,” he said.

He said the negotiations with its coalition partner Reform were constructive, despite the limited possibilities.

The new state budget, yet to be approved by Parliament, is planned to reach 8.5 billion euros, 0.5 billion more than in 2014.

Child support will increase from little more than 19 euros to 45 euros per child each month. Secondary school children will begin to receive a free lunch. Pensions will increase by 5.9 percent.

Defense spending will remain at 2 percent of GDP, working out to 400 million euros, although housing allied forces in Estonia, including building necessary infrastructure, will raise that figure.