ERR in Moscow: Russian Medical Tourism Increasing ({{commentsTotal}})

An increasing number of Russians are interested in health services in Estonia as quality healthcare in Russia is too expensive.

“The rich go to Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Israel for medical treatment. But the next group of patients who are probably not as wealthy, but who like the fact that they are able to communicate in Russian in Estonia. They understand that Estonian health services are on par with Europe,” Dr. Tiit Meren, a surgeon at the Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery in Keila, told ETV.

Estonian medical services, including midwifery, dentistry and pediatrician medicine, were introduced at the Estonian embassy in Moscow recently.

Head of AS Medservice, Vladislav Zubkov, said Estonia has an advantage over many nations in the EU due to low prices. He said his institution treated twice as many patients from Russia in 2014 compared to last year and he expects growth to continue next year.