Estonian Doctor in Liberia: Lack of Medical Staff the Greatest Problem ({{commentsTotal}})

Many nations are sending equipment to set up hospitals and laboratories, but what the west African nations hit by the Ebola virus need most are medical workers, said Argo Parts, an Estonian doctor in Liberia as part of a UN mission.

Parts told ETV his task is to coordinate work between aid organization and evaluate what is happening in the nation and what can be done.

Liberia is lacking funds, with the health ministry, government and aid agencies all exhausting their budgets.

“The US, for example, is offering Liberia 17 hospitals built by 3,000 soldiers. These are hospitals without staff. Germany is offering four labs, with a total of 131 nations lending support. The problem is that there is not enough staff,” Parts said.

The nation of 3.6 million only has 140 doctors and 500 nurses. There are 120 medical points focusing on the Ebola virus, 15 hospitals and 10 labs, he said.

Over 2,800 people have died of the virus since the outbreak began a few months ago, with most deaths recorded in Liberia.