Nigerian Sentenced in Estonia for Recruiting Peru Drug Couriers ({{commentsTotal}})

A Nigerian who recruited two Estonian women to transport cocaine from Peru to Europe has been sentenced in Estonia.

Moses Uluata Tite, 21, who had been living in Spain and was extradited from there, received a sentence of three years, four months in Harju County Court yesterday.

The news appeared to catch local media by surprise, as until hours ago, Tite's name had been unknown to the Estonian public. No media site had reported that a suspect had been arrested, extradited or even that he was being tried in the publicized case of two young Estonian women who were sentenced to more than eight years for smuggling in Peru almost a year ago.

Anneli Kolk, 19, and Anne-Maarja Gross, 22, were arrested last October 5 in the airport in Cusco, Peru carrying some six kilograms of cocaine between the two of them.

Tite declined a request for an interview from ETV, demanding payment, reported. In other details reported by, Gross and Kolk reportedly told the Estonian consul they thought they were carrying gold. Public prosecutor Taavi Pern said this was plausible. Internet communication indicate that the women knew Tite only as "Nelly," the site also reported.