Reform Party MP Dismisses Ojuland's Claim ({{commentsTotal}})

MP Väino Linde
MP Väino Linde Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

MP Väino Linde, who led a internal investigation into party leadership election fraud in the Reform Party in May last year, said Kristiina Ojuland's claims on ETV on Wednesday - that the forged votes supported Andrus Ansip, not her - are false.

Ojuland told ETV that the case of around 30 people in her branch of the party, for whom she paid membership fees for, and who's votes were cast by e-mail without their knowledge, might not have had her name on the voting slip, but that of the then party chairman and PM Andrus Ansip.

Linde said Ojuland has tried to increase confusion around the case before. “The chairman and leadership elections in the Reform Party are separate and there is a lost of who participated in which elections. That does not mean we know who voted for whom, [internal] elections are confidential,” he said.

He said Ojuland and a few other people were ejected from the party for voting fraud last May.

The party has since changed the rules of internal elections, and votes sent in by email no longer count.