This Weekend's Weather: Blustery and Rough ({{commentsTotal}})

Strong autumn winds will lash the Estonian seaboard this weekend, with gusts up to 80 kph expected by Saturday.

There will be some rain as well tonight, mostly in western Estonia, later giving way to fog and then a fairly dry but blustery weekend.

Temperatures tonight will be 3-9 C, and up to 12 C on the coast.

Highs on Saturday will be 13-15 C with S and SW winds of 25-45 kph inland and 45-60 kph on the coasts, reaching a peak in the evening with gusts of 80 kph. Warnings are in effect for today for most coastal waters.

Saturday night will be relatively warm - 10 C - and Sunday's highs will be 14-15 C. Winds will remain strong through Monday.