Draft Amendment Would Ban Public Alcohol Consumption Unless Stated Otherwise ({{commentsTotal}})

The Justice Mnistry initiated a draft amendment that would result in a reversal of the permissive open container law that entered into force just this July 1.

If passed, the changes to the Law Enforcement Act would leave it up to local municipalities to allow public drinking in specified locations.

Such locations may not include children's institutions and playgrounds, healthcare institutions, and the public transport system.

Otherwise, public drinking would again be illegal throughout the land.

Along with the wishes of cities, public opinion was cited by Justice Minister Andres Anvelt as a reason for the aboutface. A Turu-uuringute AS poll commissioned by the Health Development Institute found that 82 percent of the public were against allowing public consumption, and 32 percent of respondents said they had found themselves in a situation in the last six months where alcohol consumption was disruptive.