FSB: Kohver a Recruiter ({{commentsTotal}})

The FSB, the Russian security service, said captured Estonian security official Eston Kohver met a FSB worker a number of times and recruited him before being captured on September 5.

According to a Russian court document from September 6, Kohver had been meeting the Russian official, named as V.V. Ivanov, since March 22, Postimees reported on Saturday, adding that Kohver had allegedly already handed the informant thousands of euros in cash.

The aim of the meetings, according to the charge, was to recruit the Russian official and access materials classified by Russia.

More specifically, the FSB said Kohver wanted to find out if certain individuals worked for the FSB office in Pskov. He was said to also want to buy information on people who were cooperating in secret with Russian border guards and received eight names from Ivanov before September 5.