Estonia-Russia Border Blurred, Says Cartographer ({{commentsTotal}})

EU border - on the ice
EU border - on the ice Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The exact line of the current border between Estonia and Russia has not been legally marked and no one can really say how much a marked border will cost, says cartographer Tõnu Raid.

Raid told Eesti Päevaleht the exact line is not known, adding that Russia passed a law in 1994 saying the border runs along a certain line, but did hot hold negotiations with Estonia.

Estonia is yet to legalize the exact line of the border, saying for the past 14 years that a border treaty with Russia is on the horizon, he said.

“If Russia at one point says the border line on Peipsi lake is far more westward than currently then there is no way we can prove otherwise,” he said.

The border treaty negotiated between the two countries passed its first reading in the Estonian Parliament in April and the MPs decided the second reading will be scheduled only once Russia has also began proceedings, Marko Mihkelson, head of the Parliament's foreign affairs committee, told Estonian Radio in June.

The de jure border recognized by international law under a 1920 treaty - the basis for Estonian statehood - runs far to the east of the current borderline.