Kohver Will Be Swapped Sooner or Later, Says Defendant's Lawyer ({{commentsTotal}})

Yevgeni Aksyonov, the Russian state-appointed lawyer for the captured counterintelligence official Eston Kohver, said the episode is part of a secret service war between the two states, and sooner or later, Kohver will be exchanged for a captured Russian official.

Aksyonov told Postimees on Tuesday that he is sure the two nations are already in talks about a possible swap, adding that Kohver is convinced he will be home sooner rather than later and the more politicians and officials withhold statements, the better for Kohver.

“Kohver is, de facto, a prisoner of war,” Aksyonov said, adding that prisoner exchanges are going on in Ukraine all the time, and Kohver could, for example, be swapped for a former Soviet officer arrested this year for taking part of an attack on Lithuanians guarding the Vilnius television tower and public broadcasting building in 1991.

The episode, which occurred as Lithuania reasserted its independence, left 14 dead and hundreds injured as unarmed citizens were overrun by Soviet forces.