Paet: OSCE Must Prevent Frozen Conflict in Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

At a UN-hosted Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe discussion, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said the OSCE has been successful in the Western Balkans, but has not been up to the task in conflicts in the former Soviet republics.

"Unfortunately, [the OSCE] has not been successful in resolving the frozen conflicts in the CIS states," said Paet in New York, reported.

"Resolving the Ukraine crisis is a priority. The actions of the OSCE speciall mission have been very important to facilitating dialogue."

The events in the country have created a wholly new security situation, he said. "By annexing Crimea and invading eastern Ukraine, one OSCE member, Russia, has violated nearly all principles on which the organization is founded. Ending the annexation of Crimea, withdrawing forces and weapons from eastern Ukraine, giving back control of the border to Ukraine and recognizng that it is a party in the conflict are necessary steps to restore trust in a country that is in breach of the fundamental principles of the OSCE."