Crime Briefs: Sentencing and Presidential Pardons ({{commentsTotal}})

Viru County Court sentenced two men Thursday to nine years and three months imprisonment for murder.

The two men, Veiko Lõemets, 41, and Kalle Rääk, 29, were guilty of beating a 35-year old man to death in August 2013, the court ruled.

Both men pled not guilty.


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves pardoned two drug dealers, Taisi Kern, 23, and Jevgenia Kuznetsova, 30. Kern was sentenced in 2012 for the possession of a large quantity of amphetamine and received a six-year sentence.

Kuznetsova was handed seven years and six months for dealing drugs in 2009.

Ilves rejected the plea of 11 prisoners, including Anatoli Nikolajev, who was convicted of four counts of homicide. Nikolajev, who has been in jail since 1998, has always protested the ruling, saying he did not kill the four people, including a pregnant woman.

Eesti Ekspress reported in May 2012 that the daughter of one of the victims does not believe Nikolajev is guilty.