Ratas Nominates Simson to Lead Center Party in March Elections ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party MP and board member Jüri Ratas said his party should name Kadri Simson as its candidate for the top job in the March 1 parliamentary elections.

Ratas said on social media that the time to discuss the party's top candidate is at hand, with elections less then five months away.ll

“Party chairman Edgar Savisaar is working hard leading Tallinn and was re-elected to continue as the mayor of Tallinn in last year's elections. I know from experience how much time and energy it takes to govern Estonia's capital,” Ratas said.

Simson had successfully led the party's faction in Parliament for the past five years, Ratas said, adding that she would bring new energy and a human touch to the position. He said Estonia has only ever been governed by male prime ministers, and it is time to trust an intelligent and politically experienced woman.

Ratas later told ETV that it is not a revolt against the leadership of Savisaar, adding that the final decision rests on the party's leadership and congress.

Two deputy heads of the party's faction in Parliament, Mailis Reps and Valeri Korb, also gave their support to the idea.

Party line

Center Party's secretary general Priit Toobal said there is no rush to name the party's top candidate.

Toobal said the Center Party is currently drawing up its election platform, and the top candidate will be decided at a party conference in January.