Stoltenberg: NATO Will Station Troops Where It Wants ({{commentsTotal}})

Jens Stoltenberg
Jens Stoltenberg Source: (Reuters/Scanpix)

New NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance will place its troops where it wants.

Although NATO-member heads said at a recent summit that the 1997 agreement between Russia and the alliance states that no permanent NATO bases will be constructed on new member-state territories, Stoltenberg's statement echoes a reversal of the agreement, ETV reported today.

Stoltenberg said the alliance will decide on the next steps of the Very High Readiness Task Force at the beginning of next year.

The rapid reaction force, which Estonia is taking part in, will number around 4,000, and could be deployed in 48 hours. Precise details will be announced after meeting of NATO defense ministers in February.