Russian Politicians Toning Down Anti-West Rhetoric, Says Analyst ({{commentsTotal}})

Top Russian politicians have shown restraint recently in criticizing the West, which shows the sanctions are having an effect, says political scientist Viljar Veebel.

“If we look at Putin's or Medvedev's latest speeches, then there has been no heat or criticism towards the West in the recent weeks,” Veebel told ERR radio on Tuesday.

The nation's economy is stagnating, but Veebel said it is hard to say whether the main reason is the sanctions. He said sanctions should not be aimed at people who want to see change in Russia.

“Russia is not as united and negative as some correspondents are trying to show. There has always been internal opposition. The European stance towards Russia should give those internal opposition forces more power and will, and pull the middle class and the masses behind them,” Veebel said.