FSB Will Allow an Estonian Doctor To Examine Kohver ({{commentsTotal}})

The Russian security service (FSB) has said that it will not stop an Estonian doctor sent to Lefortovo prison in Moscow to examine Eston Kohver, as long as all the paperwork is in order.

Kohver's state-appointed lawyer Yevgeni Aksyonov told Postimees that the FSB interogated Kohver again on Wednesday and he was allowed some time alone with him.

Aksyonov said that Kohver was calm and had no complaints, but he did ask to be brought some Estonian newspapers, if possible.

The FSB is accusing Kohver of espionage but evidence is yet to be released.

According to the FSB, Kohver had met a FSB official he was trying to recruit at least three times before his arrest in September 5.

Estonian Internal Security Services (ISS) insist that at the time of his abduction on Estonian soil Kohver was in the process of interdiction of a cross-border crime.