Pound for Pound, Estonia Beats Lithuania, Dwarfs England ({{commentsTotal}})

The total transfer value of the entire Estonian squad is less than the average for a single England player and almost 26 times less than the 21-strong team itself.

Transfermarket.co.uk estimates the Estonian current lineup to be worth around 13.8 million euros (10.84 million pounds), compared to England's whopping 357.67 million euros (280.72 million pounds).

Whereas the mean market value of an Estonian footballer is judged to be around 618,000 euros (485,000 pounds), each England player is worth more than 27 times as much, close to 17 million euros (13.37 million pounds), in average.

Ragnar Klavan, team captain and Estonia's highest valued player at 2.8 million euros (2.2 million pounds), will not even come close to third keeper Ben Foster, who at 4.5 million euros (3.52 million pounds) is the least expensive player in the England team. Estonia's second and third keepers, by the way, could be available for a reasonable 112,000 euros (88,000 pounds) each.

Fortunately, money means little when it comes to game night; the 25-million-euro hands of Slovenia's keeper Samir Handanovic could not prevent Estonia from taking a 1-0 win in the opening qualifier in September. The total transfer value of the Slovenian squad is close to 93 million euros (72.9 million pounds).

But Estonia is by far not the least valuable team in Group E of the Euro 2016 qualifiers. Lithuania totals at 9.4 million euros (7.35 million pounds) and San Marino 272,300 euros (198,000 pounds).

The most expensive of the Euro Cup 2016 squads is Spain, whose 22 members are worth a staggering 467 million euros between them.