Christmas Shopping Idea Alert: Ad for Tank on Estonian Website ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia famously doesn't have a single tank, favoring a potpourri of maneuverable light armor and mechanized infantry - but private commerce can sometimes find ways around a vacuum.

Delfi reported that the Auto24 online trading environment currently has a listing for a T-34 - a Soviet-era medium tanlk - in good condition, for 47,000 euros. Specs include a weight of 27,000 kilograms and a top speed of 31 kph.

Downsides include the fact that the tank is currently located in Russia. Shipping details could be sensitive; it isn't clear whether or not it would have to be accompanied by a convoy to protect it.

The seller, Roman, did say that the tank would have to be totally rebuilt if the buyer wishes to weaponize it, and said the ad was more geared to potential foreigners browsing the listings on Auto24.