Lithuania Ponders Anti-Invasion Task Force ({{commentsTotal}})

Lithuania is debating setting up a quick reaction force which can be used even if war is not officially declared.

The unit would be used in case the scenario, where unidentified Russian soldiers, commonly referred to as "Little Green Men", entered Crimea in Ukraine and seized the peninsula. It has now been annexed by Russia, although the world community does not recognize its occupation of the territory. The unmarked troops re-appeared in the current fighting in the Donbass region.

The Lithuanian force would respond if such an occurence repeats, Delfi in Lithuania reported.

Defense Minister Juozas Olekas and the Chief of Defense Jonas Vytautas Žukas have submitted a bill to the Lithuanian parliament which would permit the use of military forces in Lithuanian territory during peacetime.

According to Žukas, the force would be 2,500-man strong, and would include air power, special forces and logistics units.