Ratas: Savisaar Would Not Be a Better PM Than Simson ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party board member Jüri Ratas has again spoken out against the status quo in the party, saying that Kadri Simson would be just as good a prime minister as party head Edgar Savisaar.

“The majority of the board thought, for some reason, that the party chairman is better than Kadri Simson, but right now I disagree. But if the majority says so, then it is so,” Ratas told uudised.err.ee on Monday.

He said the board debated the subject on Sunday, adding that Savisaar said he had the energy, will and belief to lead the party to a victory in the 2015 parliamentary elections.

Ratas said the internal support for Simson was great, while Center Party MP Enn Eesmaa said the majority of the party's members see Simson and Ratas as the future.

Ratas proposed naming Simson as the party's top candidate at the next elections, but Savisaar said he also can lead the party and received the backing of the board on Sunday. A party congress in January will vote on the subject.