Quantum Spin-Off Project Takes Nanotechnology to Estonian Schools ({{commentsTotal}})

Seven innovative Estonian high schools are participating in the European Union LLP Comenius project "Quantum Spin-Off", which aims to bring science to pupils in direct contact with research and entrepreneurship in the high-tech nanotechology sector, and encourages more people to choose careers in science technology, engineering and mathematics.

In Estonia, the project is being led by the University of Tartu, and introduces pupils to highly specialized fields of nanoscience, including the creation of artificial muscles and the manipulation of nanoparticles. Participating children will get a chance to visit high-tech research labs and companies working in the nanotechnology sector.

Teams of pupils will also prepare their own research project and turn their results into a viable business plan. The resulting projects will be published in May 2015.

The project will launch today and last for two years.

In addition to Estonia, it is also taking place in Belgium, Switzerland and Greece.