#AskAnsip: Digital Commissioner Designate Takes Questions on Twitter ({{commentsTotal}})

Andrus Ansip, the EU's digital commissioner designate, took questions on his digital agenda today via the world's pre-eminent social communication tool.

Toward the end of his years-long tenure as Estonian prime minister, Ansip's administration was criticized for allegedly not communicating well with the public. Such problems were not on display today.

The hour-long session started at noon today and yielded 127 tweets from Ansip and team. The number of incoming questions caused Ansip to jokingly liken it to a "cyberattack" at one point.

Highlights included Ansip's plan for introducing coding on to school curricula.

As expected, he came strongly out in favor of fewer restrictions in the yet to be realized single digital market, for instance saying that "geoblocking should not exist" in a true single market.

Another memorable tweet in a conversation was: "You should have the same rights online that you have offline. "

The entire session can be seen via the #askansip hashtag or through Ansip's Twitter profile page.