'Wartime Healthcare' Seminar Held ({{commentsTotal}})

Along with the recent conclusion of the latest biannual National Defense Courses in Roosta, a seminar on healthcare and the military modeled along the same lines was held at a southern Estonian retreat this week.

Geared toward healthcare system administrators, the Lake Pühajärv seminar, the fourth one, emphasized readiness of the nation's healthcare system to support national defense, and training of doctors and nurses.

“In the face of a real crisis or military threat, there can never be too many essential resources. And the medical support needed by national military defence can be provided only with the support of the entire medical system,” said Defense MInister Sven Mikser on October 14.

“We cannot build a separate medical system for the Defense Forces. We have to find a way to operate jointly and in a mindful manner even in times when we are standing shoulder to shoulder to defend our country’s security.”

Mikser praised a new curriculum that imparts to future doctors and nurses knowledge about working in crisis situations. “Starting in 2015, all newly certified healthcare workers who graduate from medical or nursing specialities will also have completed primary war and disaster medicine training,” he said. “Thus in the long term the readiness of the entire nation’s healthcare system should increase significantly for any crisis.“