US-Mexico Border Experience Can Help Estonia, Says Pevkur ({{commentsTotal}})

Hanno Pevkur
Hanno Pevkur Source: (ERR)

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur said that learning from the US experience of policing its border with Mexico will be useful for Estonia.

Pevkur, on a trip to the United States, told ETV on Thursday that one topic he talked to the FBI about was special unit training.

“We are creating a border guard quick-reaction special unit (for our own border), and cooperation with the United States in this field is necessary,” he said.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice said they are ready to help Estonia in the field of internal security, especially as Estonia's border is also a NATO border, Pevkur said.

Another topic Pevkur discussed with US officials was the Guantanamo inmate who will be relocated to Estonia.

“We want to get the maximum amount of information to guarantee that Estonians living in Estonia would be safe when this person arrives in the country, and also his safety would be guaranteed,” the minister said.

The Estonian government has faced calls to shore up the eastern border with Russia since Internal Security Service official Eston Kohver was abducted at the beginning of September.