Social Democratic Popularity Withers, Reform and Center Neck and Neck ({{commentsTotal}})

A Social Dem recruitment tent.
A Social Dem recruitment tent. Source: Photo: Courtesy of Social Democratic Party

The junior member of the governing coalition sustained the biggest drop in popularity, the monthly Emor poll commissioned by ERR found, with the Social Democrats shedding four percentage points in October and falling to the lowest level since January 2012. 

Their had support from 19 percent of decided voters, while ruling party Reform was tied with its archival Center Party with 27 percent. IRL also dropped this month to finish fourth.

Not only did support for the coalition patties drop - to 46 percent, the lowest since taking office - but support for the "big four" parliamentary parties was down as two new parties entered the fray.

The Greens had 3 percent, the Conservative People's Party had 3 percent and the Free Party - a new entity led by Andres Herkel - had 2 percent. The other new party headed by Kristiina Ojuland did not break the 1 percent mark.

The sample size was 883 citizens over the age of 18 and the period ran from September 25 to October 15.

Of all potential voters, 35 percent said they had no party preference.