Sails Painted on the Sea, Exclusive Exhibition Opens in the Old Town ({{commentsTotal}})

An exclusive exhibition, presented in cooperation between the Estonian and Swedish Maritime Museums, displays unique paintings from the golden age of sail ships from the Erik Ekengren collection.

The Ekengren collection consists of approximately 200 works, mostly by Northern European artists, and covers the period from the middle of the 18th century until the 1990s. The collection is now owned by the Swedish National Maritime Museum and so far its treasures have only been on display in Sweden.

Some of the works will now be exhibited in the Estonian Maritime Museum in the Fat Margaret Tower in Tallinn. Many are available to the general for the first time. Such a thorough review of sailships in the 19th century is also the first of its kind in Estonia.

Each painting is accompanied by a story related to it, its subject, its author and its era.

The exhibition opened on October 16 and will be available for all guests until January 25, 2015.