Analyst for Pollster: Cohabitation Act Responsible for Social Dem Drop in Polls ({{commentsTotal}})

The nearly 20 percent drop in Social Democrat support in the last month is due to the older generation, who were opposed to Estonia legalizing same-sex partnership, said Aivar Voog, analyst for Emor.

The pollster found that only 19 percent would vote for the Social Democrats if the March 2015 elections were held today, down from 23 percent in September.

"The slight rise in the Center Party and drop in Social Democrats' support since April are related," he told ERR. "If we look at different sociodemographic groups, older people's support for Social Dems is down and their support for Center is up. What amplified the drop among older people could have been the Cohabitation Act, as above all older people were against it. Most younger people accepted the law."

As for IRL, which suffered a sizable drop in October's popularity figures as well, the Cohabitation Act didn't play a role, said Voog, as it was mainly non-partisan people who took part in the protest actions.