End of October Set for Roller Coaster Weather ({{commentsTotal}})

The last ten days of the month will warm, freeze and thaw out the nation, if the people at the Estonian Weather Service are correct.

Tuesday's daytime temperatures of up to 7 C will turn to as low as -5 C at night with easterly winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour in coastal areas. Narva has already seen a few snowflakes today, and Saaremaa could also experience snow today or early Wednesday.

A big freeze is expected to continue gathering momentum and could peak on Thursday night and Friday morning, dipping down to -9 C in SE Estonia.

A low pressure front should move in from Norway for the weekend and bring snow and rain, with temperatures rebounding to up to 5 C.

A high pressure area from Russia is expected to battle the Scandinavian weather front resulting in a seasonally adjusted heat wave, pushing temperatures up barely into the double digits on Monday.

Predictions for the second half of next week are sketchy at best currently, but temperatures could hold around the 6-8 C marks, with a small chance of rain.