Timber Sales to Pay for Eastern Border Clearance ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The State Forest Management Center (RMK) has calculated the cost of clearing trees and brush from Estonia's border with Russia at 700,000 euros, which is expected to be paid for by the timber harvested from the operation.

Katre Ratassepp, the head of communication at RMK, told Postimees the project will encompass 270 hectares of land stretching 80 kilometers and 16,500 cubic meters of wood will be cut down and sold.

The work will begin as soon as the Police and Border Guard Board has marked down the exact border, and with which the board hopes to begin this week, and Ratassepp said RMK could begin working already this month.

Politicians have been pushing for tighter security on borders following the capture of counterintelligence official Eston Kohver near the Russian border by Russian operatives in the beginning of September.