Pärnu Mayor Joins Reform Party, Will Run for Parliament ({{commentsTotal}})

Mayor of Pärnu Toomas Kivimägi
Mayor of Pärnu Toomas Kivimägi Source: Photo: ERR

Toomas Kivimägi, Pärnu mayor since 2009, and Pärnu county governor for 16 years before that, has joined the ruling Reform Party and says he will run for Parliament.

“I have two main reasons for joining the Reform Party. First is world view, as I myself am a liberal. The second reason is that the Reform Party has been in government and forged the future of Estonia for a long time now,” he said, adding that being part of the party will give him more opportunities to protect the interests of Estonia, and Pärnu city and county.

He said he will run for Parliament, and is more interested in topics concerning the economy and infrastructure, such as the Rail Baltic project and Via Baltica, the highway passing through the Baltic states.

Kivimägi successfully ran for local office at the 2009 and the 2013 local elections, heading a election coalition named after himself.