New Evidence in Kohver Case Handed to Russian Authorities ({{commentsTotal}})

The state-appointed lawyer of the captured Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) official Eston Kohver, Yevgeni Aksyonov, said he received new evidence from the Estonian counterintelligence authority to present to Russian authorities.

Asked what the documents contain, Aksyonov told Postimees he is not allowed to disclose information, but the documents concern the charge of espionage against Kohver, adding that he did not receive all the documents he had asked for.

The lawyer asked for permission to have Kohver examined by an Estonian medical doctor, and investigators agreed but the request is pending approval by the prison chief, Kohver has also been granted a phone conversation with his wife, but the Estonian Embassy has to provide him with a phone card and a translator, who must translate the conversation into Russian simultaneously. Aksyonov also handed Kohver Estonian newspapers and magazines at a meeting on Monday.

Kohver has been held in a prison in Moscow since his capture at the beginning of September from Estonian territory close to the Russian border. Russia maintains Kohver was captured while on a spying mission in Russia.