Eastern Border Clearance Begins ({{commentsTotal}})

Police and Border Guard Board began marking down the exact parth of the border on Monday, and today will see the start of clearing it from trees and brush.

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur said that the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) and the State Forest Management Center (RMK) have agreed that the works will be carried out simultaneously.

"It is important for us to start the clearance as soon as possible. I believe that the RMK will to its utmost to clear the border quickly, after which we can begin with marking down the control line," Pevkur said.

The marking process should finish in mid-November. Clearance and the removal of the harvested timber will last until Spring 2015.

A special committee, including members from the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Environment, PPA, RMK, Government Office and the Estonian Land Board, will gather today to discuss the details of the control line, as well as potential disputes with local land owners.

The project will encompass 270 hectares of land stretching 80 kilometers, and 16,500 cubic meters of wood will be cut down and sold. RMK has previously said that the profit from the sales should cover the operation costs.