University Rector to Resign After Driving Through Shop Window ({{commentsTotal}})

The head of the Tallinn University of Technology, Andres Keevallik, crashed his car late on Tuesday while driving under the influence, saying afterwards that he will resign his post.

Keevallik drove through a shop window on Tuesday after drinking alcohol, telling Postimees he regrets his actions, is very sad about the events, adding that he will head on a holiday, then resign.

Margus Leivo, responsible for administrative affairs at the university, said Keevallik was returning from an embassy reception.

“You can not write off a person for one mistake and cancel out his previous deeds,” Leivo said, adding that the university, one of the top three in Estonia, is in a period of transition and was due to hold rector elections in the near future in any case.

Keevallik was the rector of the university between 2000-05, before returning to the post in 2010.