Ministry of the Interior Allocates 166,000 Euros to Security Volunteers ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Courtesy of Rescue Board

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur has approved a grant program for internal security volunteers, who will receive an extra 166,000 euros in 2014.

The county governments are to release calls for applications by the end of this week. Funding applications can then be submitted by NGOs uniting assistant policemen, volunteer rescue workers, coast and lake guards, and neighborhood watch organizations, as well as the Police and Border Guard Board. Also included will be local councils who have voluntary rescue units.

The program is designed to support activities that enhance the work of security volunteers: training and study tours, studies and analyses, the purchase of equipment and improvement of the facilities.

As of October 2014, there were 865 assistant policemen, 109 voluntary rescue units and 29 voluntary sea rescue teams in Estonia.