Terras: Aircraft Carriers in Northern Europe Would Level the Playing Field ({{commentsTotal}})

The Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces, Maj. Gen. Riho Terras, who met Adm. Mark Ferguson, commander of Allied Joint Forces Command-Naples and US Naval Forces Europe-Africa this week, said that the presence of aircraft carriers in northern Europe would change the current power balance, making the field more even.

Terras and his peers from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland discussed NATO defense strategy with Adm. Ferguson and visited the US aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush.

The George H.W. Bush is the 10th and final Nimitz-class supercarrier of the United States Navy It was launched in 2009. It is the flagship of the Carrier Strike Group Two (CSG-2) currently deployed in the Mediterranean.

Terras said that the operational capabilities of USS George H.W. Bush and the armory of the aircraft strike group it carries and other support ships of the CSG-2, are impressive. The presence of a similar strike group in northern Europe would change the power balance in the region.