Elering Completes €135 Million Backup Power Plant ({{commentsTotal}})

Electric grid operator Elering has opened a new 150-megawatt power plant complex near Kiisa, just south from Tallinn, which will serve as a backup.

The price of electricity generated at Elering’s emergency reserve power plants is one of the cheapest ones in the region and is going to be even more economical in case of potential fall of natural gas prices,“ said Elering’s CEO, Taavi Veskimägi.

The energy complex, consisting of two separate plants, will help Estonia's drive towards energy independence from foreign sources.

The plants ensure the functioning of the electricity system in case of failure of other plants or a international connection. The plans, which run on natural gas and diesel, can be powered up to full capacity in 10 minutes.

In the past few years there has been need for an emergency source of electricity for around 200 hours per year. The Kiisa complex is the first back-up power source in Estonia.