Petition Launched to Restore Border Guard ({{commentsTotal}})

Retired Vice Admiral Tarmo Kõuts, who was the head of the Border Guard between 1993 and 2000, and University of Tartu Professor Ülo Vooglaid, have started a petition to Parliament for the restoration of the Estonian Border Guard as a separate entity. The Border Guard was merged with the police force to form Estonian Police and Border Guard in 2009.

“Due to the drastic changes in the security situation in Europe, we call on Parliament to collectively change legislation to help secure the nation on its borders and to protect Estonia's independence and its people,” the appeal said, Saarte Hääl reported.

The appeal said that an organization must be set up which deals with protecting the border area, but which also rescues people from Estonian waters.

The armed border guard organization would fall under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry and would also keep an eye on foreigners visiting Estonia.

As of this morning, 531 people had signed the petition.