More Estonians Dying Abroad ({{commentsTotal}})

A total of 313 Estonians have died abroad in the past five years, but the annual number has increased in recent years.

This year, 59 Estonian citizens have died in foreign countries, which is 17 more than in the twelve months of 2013, Õhtuleht reported today.

In 2012, that number was 56 and in 2011, the figure was 65, while it was below 50 in both 2009 and 2010.

The number of serious injuries or illnesses has fluctuated more, with 36 this year, compared to 55 last year, and 28 in 2012.

The most high-profile death this year, involving Estonians abroad, was the murder of model Regina Soosalu, on July 1 in Rawa Island, off the coast of Malaysia.