Opposition Parties Hold Back on Budget Amendments ({{commentsTotal}})

Parliament Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The Finance Committee received only 23 amendment proposals for the 2014 budget in the first round of debate in Estonia's Parliament. A year ago that figure was around 400.

Rannar Vassiljev (Social Democrat), the head of the committee, said there were no surprises, and the cost of the amendment proposals are also low, which he said shows they have a good budget this year.

On most years the opposition has used the budget proceedings to make a stand with filibustering tactics, meaning drawn-out night sessions the norm. For example, on the city level, the Social Democrats submitted 666 amendment proposals during Tallinn's budget debate last year.

The government is predicting revenues of 8.45 billion euros next year, 7 percent more, while expenditure is expected to increase by 6 percent to 8.54 billion euros.